Saturday, March 17, 2007

St Patricks Day

Saturday...The goodyear blimp has been flying over my neighborhood for the past three days. I live very close to Arco Arena.
I have no idea who is playing but try to avoid going past the arena between games. So if you are watching March madness perhaps you will see my place.

A railroad tressel near Cal. Expo burned to the water. No one was hurt. Arson suspected. From the news videos I can see that creasote burns bright, high and long.

If you haven't tried Zumba for exercise...I recommend it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Now that I have this set up and found my way back to the new post; I have no idea what to say...

Weather report: Sunny and warm. Must get out and walk soon. i noticed on the Norfork, NE web cam this morning the sky looked a lot like the sky over Sacramento and Dlxon. Lincoln didn't look bad either and there was hardly any traffic.

Last night I started trying to figure out the easiest way to break up the upcoming (in June) Johnston Odyssey I am taking with my son, daughter and my son's two children (ages 5 & 3). I am grandma and mom. David and Paulette are siblings, Skyler and Shae are siblings. David: dad, son, broher, Paulette: aunt, daughter and sister. Skyler: brother, son, nephew and grandson, Shae: sister, daughter, niece and granddaughter. ROAD TRIP!!!!!

BACKGROUND: I have been known for my road trips for more than twenty years. Perhaps this is the year to write publicly about the trips for a book. After all, Oprah and Gayle took a road trip. I can't afford to hire a production we will blog the trip and post daily updates. Last summer Paulette discovered wireless internet in hotels.

From Reno, NV to Omaha, NE is 1258 miles.

Beauty on the commute: The mist over the little person-made pond on Natomas Blvd.