Thursday, September 6, 2007

This and That.

OK so I'm having a bit of a quick finger on the enter key--I'll have two posts with the same title.

Yesterday I had the dreaded screening colonoscopy. The good, no great, news is NOTHING there. I am old enough to 'qualify' for an every five year test. If it wasn't good for me I wouldn't do it. The worst is the prep. Oh well you will all find out someday. Please do not avoid this health screening. Two of my friends did and have battled colon cancer. Big sister advice for the day.

I'm going to Reno this weekend to see the dawn patrol of the balloon races. David and Robin take ALL (3) the kids. We get up at 4am and go to the place where about five of the balloons light up and lift into the still-dark sky. It is amazing.

Responses to other's blogs.
Shirley, I think Cassie will be able to make a book either on MAC or Shutterfly about the remodel of her house. Pictures and diary. What a great family project. Are you the general contractor? Congratulations to Adam on his first apartment. Does he have room mates?

About the are in advertising. Maxfield Parrish is another artist who made art for advertising. I agree children's advertising is horrible and should be banned and I won't tell you what I think should happen to the creators. And my current rant is about the advertising of medication. The power of suggestion is enough to make you have symptoms I read that patients insist that an advertised med is the answer. Even if their doctor doesn't If the drug companies spent the money they spend on advertising on research and development there would be cures for diseases that keep them in business.
Food advertisements in the evening. That melted cheese on the sandwiches and pizzas will send me looking in my fridge for something to eat.

Just in case others are wondering, The volleyball finals are not yet on the ARCO Arena calendar. If I see any of the Maloffs I'll ask them why it's not.

That other this and that title is empty and I can't seem to get rid of it. Must go.

This and That.