Thursday, November 12, 2009

News from the West

October: Skyler's birthday, Apple Hill, David got a promotion and is working all the time. Paulette had a birthday. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant. I started a watercolor painting class, searched for a new apartment.

November: Found an apartment, about five blocks from the state capitol. Drove to Reno on Friday and delivered Shae's and Sterling's birthday presents. Stayed overnight. Saturday--we went to Home Depot and they built trivets. To the Dollar Store for some shopping. Sterling's ballet lesson where she refused to participate. TCBY for a frozen yogurt snack. I sewed the patches on Skyler's boy scout uniform, we played action UNO. I came home. Shae took pictures with her new camera. I drove home in the afternoon. Shae and David went to a father-daughter ball on Saturday evening.

I'm moving one car load at a time and will take the big stuff on the 21st.