Thursday, January 10, 2008

follow up to comments, etc.

Changing Shirley's resolution,  Here's mine:
Keep the vices simple and acceptable, like chocolate.
Keep peace with world wide neighbors.
And may each new year find you a better person.
Be positive.  It's all good.

Dance:  Paso Doble is so much fun--did I  already say that?  This Friday we are going to do the matador and bull steps.

Thanks LaDawn.  And aren't you a little curious about the gifts?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9

It is good to be back to work.  My new class--the one I'm subbing for ten weeks--is great.   It is Adult ESL and there are twenty-two students are from 8 or 9 different countries.

I have a group of people who will talk (not always true in a new class) and answer any question I propose.  So far they have been game for my daily questions:  What did you see on the way to school?   Trees, wet streets, people running and kids in the park.   What time do you wake up?  What time do you go to sleep?  Everyone gets up between 5am and 9am.  They go to sleep between 9pm and 2am.  It is fun to be back to work four days a week for two hours a day.  I think this is what I will do next fall.  

On Monday I will add my five day a week, three hours a day class.  I do have a computer lab to assist me with this class.  And I know most of the students and do not have to learn names. 

Must plan the fun for tomorrow and practice my Paso Doble.