Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road trip

Update without photos.
In Omaha and being shown around by Bob and Shirley. We have been to Lincoln for a Volkswalk and visit to cousin Paul and his wife Sharon. (Thursday) Hiked a bridge across the Platte river. (Friday) Attended my sister Sue's and her husband's retirement party at a golf course in Norfolk Nebraska (birthplace of Johnny Carson). Two groups made up the celebrants: family and golfers. Good food, company and conversations. (Saturday)

(Sunday) My eight year old grand nephew helped us arrive at the proper place by using his grandfather's Garmin. At the golf course it showed we were driving across the grass instead of the road. He kept saying, Grandpa you are driving on the grass. Watching this kid explore and change screens and add things to the Garmin was facinating. He knew how to find things.

Today we walked across another bridge; this one across the Missouri River from Nebraska to Iowa and back. Great dinner at M's pub.

More later.