Friday, June 13, 2008


Shae and I went to Davis this morning.  First we went to the Laundry Lounge to use a big washer to wash David's new T-shirt quilt and my new sleeping bag. (I got the bag at the REI garage sale last week)  Shae was helpful and patient.  She wrote and drew pictures and then looked at a cars for sale publication trying to find my car in the pictures.  Finally, we were finished with this errand and we were off to Cynthia's for our adventure of the day.  

The plan had been to ride a double decker bus, have lunch and then play in the Central Park fountain.  None of that happened.  It's final's week and no double decker buses were running.  Must remember that for the future.   At the AMTRAK station we consulted with the agent and decided to go to Suisun on the train.  We had one hour to eat and get more money from the ATM. Next to the station, the Village Bakery serves pizza by the slice.  So pizza for lunch.  The train ride to Suisun from Davis is twenty minutes.  We had an hour in Suisun.   We walked along the marina to an antique store.   It was hot, hot in Suisun.  On the trek back to the train station Shae's feet were tired.  She walked anyhow (not like there was a choice.)  We boarded the train and waited in air-conditioned comfort for the buses from Martinez to bring Bay Area passengers.  Work on the tracks between Martinez and Suisun made the bus transfer necessary.  We were glad we had not decided to go to Martinez.

Shae spotted lots of jack rabbits on the journey back.  She seemed disappointed when Cynthia missed seeing these wonders.   There were cows and horses to get excited about and we soon arrived in Davis.  

Ready for frozen yogurt we made our way to The Swirl yogurt shop and joined the line of high school and jr. high school students (fresh out of school for summer vacation) to order yogurt.  Two blueberry yogurts, one with chocolate sprinkles and one green tea (I'm the one who likes green tea).  As we enjoyed our yogurt, the line remained all the way to the door no matter how fast the two people dispensing the treat worked.

Back at Cynthia's house we talked with Terry.   Shae and Cynthia went looking for Big, the cat.  To Shae's delight they found Big under a bush in the yard.  Shae changed into her swim suit and we drove to Central Park.  Woe to us.   A graduation event caused the fountain to be turned off.  The thing I had forgotten was it is UCDavis graduation weekend and the population of Davis more than doubles--that includes the traffic getting out of town.  By the time we got to the freeway, Shae was  asleep for a thirty minute nap.  At home it is dinner time and we agree to watch Shrek for the third time in two weeks.  I think I've gotten most of the jokes now.

Now it's three hours until the Shae train leaves for Reno and at 8:00am she is still sleeping.  I'd better get my shower and pack my stuff.   Auntie Pea will be here between 11 and 11:30.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Monday about ten, Paulette called to see what time kids can swim at the pool.  1-3pm is the answer.  I'll be there about 1:30, she said.  And sure enough she arrived and we put on our suits and joined, Josie and Mazie from Ohio who were swimming with their grandparents and great-grandmother.  The kids were seven and nine.  As kids will they became instant friends and made up games.  The adults floated around and helped with the jumping in games.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  After Paulette left Shae and I went to Michael's  because they had ten things for ten dollars.   I got my ten things and was looking at some unfinished wood picture frames when Shae picked up  a flat piece of wood and said, "I need this for my project."  "What Project?" I asked.  "My _____ project." she replied.  Hands out in front of her making circular motions and measuring motions.  (I never did understand what the name of the project was.)  It was only one dollar and I was curious so I bought it.  Back home I asked if she needed anything else for her project.  I watched her think and think.  She wasn't coming up with anything so I suggested she use some little foam pieces in a kit she had.  "Yes, of course that's what I want."  With a little glue her project was done.

Late afternoon I needed to run some errands and we were off to the Linen and things sale--nothing there.  And then to the bank to deposit a check.  I intended to stop and the store for dinner items but on the way home decided we would eat out.  The first place we stopped at was closed.  So we went to one of my favorite restaurants,  Bella Bru.  Shae had chosen lasagna when I realized there was a kids menu.  I read the choices or options (her choice of language).
No she wanted the options.  Hint for grandparents: Always check the coloring page they give the kids for the kid's menu.   I knew that but forgot.  Well the lasagna was great.  No we didn't share.  She ate half and we took home the rest for lunch later.  I had a salmon burger.  Then of course it is time for dessert.  Across the parking lot is a Big Spoon Frozen Yogurt store.  You serve yourself from the machines and then add all the toppings you think you can afford.  Shae had Mango Tango  with caramel, whipped cream and cherries.  I had vanilla with caramel, whipped cream and cherries.  IT was very good.  Back home it was bedtime.  

Tuesday, Paulette came about noon and Shae went with her to clean up her classroom.  I met them at the dance studio and Shae and I went to Davis for dinner with my "dinner group".   We had two "guests" Shae and the daughter of Elinore, Kara.  Kara just completed had Phd and has a job in New Mexico.  Elinore has RPA  Rapid Progressing Aphasia.  (one more thing we can worry about that takes our mind.) More about that later.   We had a great dinner and I don't know who was most entertaining, Shae age 4 or Kara age 39.    Kara is so excited about her job, her move.  It was a fun evening.

We were busy today.  Shae decided on one more bike ride.  She first said no.  I reminded her it would be her last chance because we have plans tomorrow.  Five minutes later she had changed her mind.  We rode to the nearby playground and she had a good time playing alone and with me.  I'm not much for climbing on play structures but I cheered every move she made.  I pushed the swing and watched her "tricks" on the swing.  It was very windy this morning and into the afternoon when we went to the swimming pool.  It was fine as long as I stayed in the water.  Today a grandma had her grandson Bodie.  Again the kids played like best friends.

Less than five minutes after I read her story she is asleep.

And that's life on the Shae Train.  

Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

The Monarchs lost on Friday--They were leading the first three quarters and then the Shock took over.  We will get them next time.  
Shae has a new jersey with number 4 on it because she is four and Hayne went to Atlanta and the jersey was cheap.  She also got a big foam finger (like Skyler's).  Auntie P bought dinner and at half time we had ice cream.  We all had a good time.

On Saturday morning Paulette arrived at 9am to go to Home Depot.  The project was building a catamaran.  Shae knew exactly what to do and with Paulette's help the project was finished.  for our next errand we were off to REI to get sunglasses for Paulette--really good ones that will protect her eyes since her lasix surgery.  I bought myself some because I had broken my last pair from last summer.  Shae really like one pair so I bought it for her.  REI was having a "garage sale" so we joined the crowd in the parking lot.  Paulette found a second pair of sunglasses--cheap and hiking sneakers.  I found a down sleeping bag for $60.  Shae said "I;m ready to go now." twice.  She was very patient.  Now it was lunch time and we went to the Elephant Bar.  The kids meal (mac and cheese) included a strawberry sundae.  Paulette and I were patient while she talked and ate her way through the sundae.

Paulette and Shae had a short swim and she didn't run this time so today there will be another swim time.   Paulette went to see Sex in the City.  I didn't think it was appropriate for Shae s0 we stayed home to rest.  Shae took a really long nap and when I woke her up she said, "Auntie P didn't come back last night."  She was happy when I told her it was still Saturday and Auntie P would be back to take her to her house at six o'clock. 

When they left I went dancing.  Paulette danced on Friday night.

Sunday morning I got ready to go to the Women's fitness run/walk in a very quiet apartment.  They met me at the end of the race and we visited all of the booths and got some almonds, some magnets and Jamba Juice coupons.  Paulette and Shae walked with me back to my car and set off walking to Old Sacramento and then a Rivercats game.  I bought my Sunday papers, came home, made pesto with goat cheese and tossed it with roasted potatoes and green beans.  It is really good.  I had lunch and read my newspapers.  I went to a West Coast Swing lesson and Paulette brought Shae to come home with me.  I thought she would go to sleep easily after a shower and snack.  Although very quiet she did not sleep until about 9:30.

It's 9:30 Monday now and we have been for a bike ride for her and walk for me to the pond where we saw a daddy duck and a baby duck and three jack rabbits.  Shae is playing dominos and when I finish here I get to play with her.