Saturday, December 19, 2009


Today I drove with friends for many hours to see Stanford women stomp the Lady Vols from Tennessee. The other people going to Stanford were the ones who sat next to us at the Monarchs games for ten years. One woman said it is like losing her summer family. Read on.

Sadly we have lost our Monarchs. The team has been dispersed. Only the Kings remain in Sacramento. We will have to find something else to do on summer evenings.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


No finished water colors yet but here is the mosaic I made last winter.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New place

Here are photos of my patio on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The leaves cover the dirt area. There is nothing planted there. I may have to do something about that when spring comes. The picture on the right is taken from the north, and yes that whole wall on the left are windows. Didn't like them too much during what we call a cold snap and Nebraska people call spring weather. Next, I am standing in front of the windows. You can see the 12 story tower in the upper right. Next, you are looking toward the north. That is a very big tree. This morning I watched a squirrel climbing it with a nut in its mouth. The other one is taken from the south of the patio.

As I get the place together I will send inside photos. Right now things are being moved around on a daily basis.

What I have been doing besides moving:

I went to a farewell party for one of my students from last year. She is returning to Japan. We had dinner at a Korean BBQ. This was a new experience for me. The chicken, beef and port are brought to the table sliced and raw.
You cook it yourself. There is salad and vegetable side dishes including kim chi a very popular Korean dish.
I ate it for the first time. It is spicy and I did like it.

I am still walking with the Sacramento AVA walking club. We walked in the little town of Winters, CA last weekend. A few weeks ago there was a walk around Folsom, CA, I am a fair weather walker so I'm waiting for the sun to shine again.