Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5

Next to last day of vacation and I am picking things up and finishing them.  I'm at the computer because I had a printer cord to attach and decided to check email and see what everyone is blogging.   Looks like LaDawn is on her computer.

Weather update:  It rained for about two hours and the possible thunderstorm was one very wimpy thunder--I didn't see the lightening.  There was a warning about snow on the radio; it might get down to 2500 feet because cold weather is moving in.  That's low enough for the hills around Vacaville and San Francisco.  

Last night I took a Paso Doble lesson.  There is one song for the dance and it is not usually a social dance.  It was so much fun.  My first new adventure of 2008.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jury duty etc.

Here's how it went.  On Dec. 31 I decided to call the information number and find out what was happening at the courthouse.  My number was not mentioned.  Like a blinding flash it hit me that Dec. 31 was my first day--the day I had to report. YIKES!!  I brushed my teeth, finished dressing and was on my way by 8:30am  I arrived at the courthouse about 9:00am  At the security check-in I said I thought I was late.  Don't worry, they'll wait.  said the uniformed guard.  

Upstairs in the jury room I stopped at the window and said I'm sorry I'm late.  The woman handed me eight typed pages.  You missed orientation.  Read this and come back.  I obeyed.  Back at the window after reading the pages the woman said,  Your group was cancelled.  Do you want to stay anyhow?.  Sure, why not, I nodded.  She scanned my card and said Have a seat.  So I did.

I read for a while, looked around for coffee and found the machine.  I heard other latecomers try to tell their long stories and be accepted.  

I drank coffee and kept reading.  At 11:30am they announced there would be no cases tried today and everyone was dismissed.  We were instructed to make lines to get our proof of jury duty and we could go home.  We were thanked for fulfilling our obligation for a year.  Maybe next time I'll get into a courtroom.

TODAY,  Jan. 3  I had lunch with a friend I hadn't talked to in about two years.  We are all caught up and promised each other to not wait so long.  I got home before the first of three winter storms arrived.  There was a lot of rain and some wind.  The second storm sounds worse.  There are blizzard warnings in the mountains, not just snow warnings.  The winds might get to tropical storm or hurricane winds in the valley.  Sacramento is in the valley.  I can't remember what the third storm is suppose to do and there is rain on the next seven squares of the weather forecast.

About the  photo on my previous post.  Who made this sculpture?  That's a better question.
California artist.  Taught at UC Davis.  Lived in Davis.  Did  some controversial art.  His work is one of two or three California artists that I can recognize.  Enough info Shirley?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

One more day

Anyone know who this artist's name?

2007 is closing out.  The newspapers and TV are picking the ten best or worst or whatever.  It is hardly worth buying the Sunday papers.  

Yesterday I saw a movie that I think I will buy when it comes out on DVD.  I have only purchased three DVDs.  JUNO is the movie and the philosophy that comes out in the teen language brought me to laughter and tears.  Familiar faces playing new characters and doing an excellent job.
New Year's resolutions anyone????

Today I put up shelves in my storage area.  It looks very tidy now.  It will be even better when I sort out the last two boxes of stuff.