Monday, September 28, 2009

New season

This morning it was cool enough for long sleeves--until about 9am. So that's how I know it is fall. And the tree outside my kitchen has some yellow leaves. I know the first day of fall was a week ago but it is hard to believe it when the temp outside is still getting up to 100.

My new ESL class is good although it is low intermediate instead of Advanced like last year. I have to practice speaking more slowly. I can always tell because their eyes glaze over. Most are too polite to say anything.

The Sacramento Monarchs ended the season at the very bottom. Oh well there's always next year.

Paulette and I went with friends to see Wicked in San Francisco. It was fantastic. We had been in Ashland the week-end before and saw three plays. Equivocation, All's Well That Ends Well and Don Quixote. Good plays and the weather was beautiful. They were having sidewalk sales and the craft show was still going on. Almost not enough time to get everything done between plays.