Sunday, February 3, 2008


 I-80 was closed overnight from Colfax to the state line.  Chain controls are usual but closing is not.  It was a wet and windy storm that passed through here last night.  Today it is bright blue and sunny.  With just a hint of clouds around the edges.  I walked outside for over 40 minutes and I can't remember the last time I walked outdoors from home for that long.

The trip to the beach is not on my birthday but the last weekend of April.  

I resumed the "company's coming" cleaning that I halted when Sue and Cindy had to cancel their visit.  This time I hope to get it finished without a pending visit.  Here's something new; the papers on the kitchen table are all from today and yesterday--no pending, what shall I do with this  papers.  And they papers aren't all on my desk either.  I feel like I'm making  progress in the paper area.  

Wishing you all warmer weather with sunshine.