Monday, January 21, 2008

catching up

On a holiday to honor the man with the dream.  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Paso Doble classes were a lot of fun.  Correction:  The leader is the matador and the follower is the cape.  I think the music must be the bull.  I won't be performing the dance in public but sure do love the music and knowing how to do three or four moves.

Last week was my first week of teaching two classes instead of one so my work day started at 8:00AM and ended at 2:15PM with an hour break and 20 minutes travel time between jobs. The new class has twenty-five people and we represent seventeen countries.  These students are so excited about learning to speak English although they have studied in books in their countries.  Some have also had teachers who spoke British English (as we call it here).  That adds to the difficulty of learning and adds to the fun.  

Survey:  What do you call an object given  to you to remember someone or some event?

It was also a week of extra things to do.  A friend was visiting from Seattle--so we had dinner.  Another friend had her 90th birthday so there was a little tea party with her.   And I attended a school board meeting, fortunately I did not have to stay for the entire meeting.  Then Friday there were errands to do before the dance class and after that we drove to Reno.

Saturday, Paulette and I went to Reno and watched the kids while their parents went to a wedding.  It was great fun.  Paulette is so good at keeping order.  Sterling walks all over now, Shae tries to boss everyone around and is ALWAYS right,  Skyler is the school boy (Kindergarten) and big brother.  He takes care of his sisters and fights with the oldest one.

Today is a holiday and I have been to the Apple store to learn to turn my video tapes into movies.  I went to COSTCO and spent money.  Now I'm home until school starts again tomorrow.  I have to decide what to teach.

I finished The Virgin Blue, by Tracy Chevalier and I'm now reading The Master Butchers  Singing Club by Louise Erdrich.

Something to think about:   "Our minds are like crows.  They pick up everything that glitters, no matter how uncomfortable our nests get with all that metal in them."  --Thomas Merton