Friday, March 23, 2007


The weekend begins.....It is spring...Time to go outside.

Sunday a hike to Cold Canyon near Lake Berryessa. I haven't been there for a few years. I haven't been on a serious hike for a couple of years. It's time.

Tonight I think I'll go dancing. I have been doing other things on Fridays for a month or so and I miss the ballroom dancing.

I have had a good time with my students this week. (I teach adult esl students) They have been researching states. I have given each one a different state and the 50states website. Some answer the questions and go on to grammar exercises or other topics. The great thing has been the ones who look at more than the pages to get the answers and share what they are finding with me and their class mates. For example the Oklahoma state flag is beautiful. I haven't looked at all of them so can't say it is the best.

We have been learning to use pronouns. I forget every year how hard it is to explain sort out my, me mine, her hers she etc.
I think the most difficult is their, they're and there... But teacher they all sound the same.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The news said rain and sure enough it is raining. I got home about ten minutes after the downpour started--it's an hour later and has lessened a little but still raining very steady.

There are still some addresses to change from the move. I had a po box for so many years that I never had to change addresses when I moved. Since I moved to another city i will be giving up the PO Box. I manage to get one of the leftover addresses changed every two or three days. The good news; the list is getting shorter.

Accomplishments today: my taxes are e-filed, I have my pictures to renew my passport, I sent in the renewal for my teaching credential. These were on another list.

Creative projects: David's T-shirt project is about four yards of pellon short of being on to step three. I have a deadline of April first for the next sharing of a fiction story I'm writing. It's writer's group and I share. So, why am I sitting here writing?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

weekend ending

Sunday evening....I have almost finished my weekend list of chores. I would be done but I took a walk to Borders for newspapers, iced tea and a little browsing. Perfect weather for walking this afternoon. There were Canadian geese by th pond and some little birds I don't recognize. I don't think they were babies because the adults were far away from them. I read the Sacramento and San Francisco Sunday papers all week.

Strong woman...The Kearney coach who went to support her team five hours after giving birth...

There is still smoke in the air from the burning railroad tresel. I can't see if if I look straight up but if I look toward the horizon it is smokey. Can't smell it so suppose to mean I'm not breathing creasote.