Friday, April 4, 2008

This and that.

To Shirley:  Yes, we do want to be healthy and able to get around on our own.  Probably a good thing I didn't come to visit.  Doesn't sound like you guys would have been much fun.   Also, the airlines are not very dependable these days.  Shoddy maintenance, cancelled flights, bankruptcy and so on.  Not a good time for me to travel.  Thanks for the cranes with moon picture on you blog.  

Shae came and stayed with me for three days.  We had fun.  She is full of questions.  And knows a lot of answers.  She states them with a lot of authority.

I just had a health scare.  They called me back for an additional mammogram.  The good news is they had to take about 8 pictures with a different machine to even find what had shown up on the original.   And then didn't find anything.  The doctor wants to check again in six months.  The bad news is I had to be squeezed eight times.  And it hurt.  Finally I relaxed enough not to hurt so much.

BIG NEWS.  Paulette and I are booked on an Alaskan Cruise starting in Seattle August 1.  It is seven days with stops in Ketchikan, Juno, Sitka and Victoria Island, Canada and back to Seattle.
I'm excited.

Paulette  can see without glasses or contacts and even looks different.  She is still very excited about her surgery and it is, apparently, a total success.