Thursday, January 1, 2009

An end and a beginning

  Thoughts about the end of 2008
1. Secular Christmas:  
        Black Friday should be discontinued.  Someone died.
The commercial with dancing corkscrews wearing red and white Santa hats singing Bev Mo lulia.  Sick.  (This may have been a California thing)

2. Keeping Christ in Christmas.  
      Please bring back 'swaddling clothes" for Jesus.  Dressed in cloth doesn't work for me.  
     Glad Tidings is better than good news. 
      Sore afraid is better than terrified or as one pastor said 'So scared they peed their pants." 

The list could go longer but I have some positive things to say.
1,  Going to the Nutcracker with Shae and Skyler and Robin.
2. Shae and Skyler playing in the fresh snow until their hands were cold, cheeks rosy and a very short snowman decorated the yard.
3. Christmas eve service ending with candles and Silent Night.
4.  The quiet that falls over the city when most businesses close for Christmas day.
5.  Cards, family photos and newsletters.

Looking forward.
It's a new year with 364 fresh new days ahead.  I spent the first one having brunch with friends and then a long walk under foggy skies.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody.