Thursday, April 19, 2007


The spring winds have been blowing and today feels more like fall than spring. I have kept up with my walking exercise even in the wind. Yes I'm bragging and it hasn't been easy. Yesterday and today the clouds were so white and fluffy and I thought of how Mother used to talk about the clouds being whiter and fluffier in Colorado. The good news is the air is being swept of some of the smog andwhatever else our autos put in it in this valley.

The weekend. After work tomorrow I'm off to Reno to a Dance Sensation. 48 hours of dancing, dance workshops and dance shows. West coast swing, lindy, charleston, blues dancing, salsa and hip hop. Snow is forecast for the mountains so I might get to use my chains this year after all. I have to go finish packing. Can't forget my Aleve.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday morning

I left for work at a slightly different time this morning. I was stopped at a stop light near the high school. About 25 teenagers slouched, reluctantly, across the street in front of me. I was struck by the diversity of skin colors. It seemed most races were represented in this small group. I also had time to notice the diverse body shapes: tall, short, thin, fat, lots of in between. However, their clothes were so similar as to mimic uniforms. Dark pants and dark sweatshirts many of them hooded. I silently wished them a safe day and drove on.