Friday, December 21, 2007

School's out

Happy Holidays to everyone from Sterling and me.

My last post was rather dreary so here's something different.  Thanks LaDawn for the invitation to visit.  I checked airfare and it would use up too much of my Alaska money for next summer.  I baked some cookies for a group meeting, they didn't eat all of them.  I gave some away and am wearing the last dozen on my hips.  

I'm traveling to Volcano, Ca for a weekend at a gold rush era hotel the end of January.

I mailed gift cards to Denise and her family in Florida.  Since Denise let me know how much her sons look forward to taking their cards to the mall and shopping together I have a different outlook.  

We had some rain and some cold (to us) weather so it seems like winter.  There have been thousands of geese and one foggy morning a cloud of smaller migrating birds. flying over my car in the morning.

I'm no longer cranky.  There is a sunrise solstice service tomorrow and a Christmas Eve service on Monday.  And I'm looking forward to the New Year's Eve Dance.

I mailed a short story to a contest.