Thursday, February 21, 2008

See a little corner of my place.

Now you can see where the pieces are displayed.

This is my dining area.  I'm standing behind the table.  The kitchen is to the left.  See the sunrise?  About one minute after I took this picture  that sunrise was covered by clouds.

In the lower right is an Ikea door for a little cabinet I bought.  Paulette and I couldn't get it on.  Photo when it is finished.  Then I can show you my front door.

Monday, February 18, 2008

See what I made.

I had to do something with a quilt Grandma Anderson made for me when I got married.  I had used it a lot and it was worn.  SO...I cut some of the blocks out and framed them.  The top shoe, Mother once told me it was mine.  I suppose the other one was Aunt Julia's and maybe Mother's.

These two projects are part of my attempt to have everything in my home have a place instead of stuck in a box for sorting.  Paraphrasing Shirley: All this stuff takes up time and energy as well as space.

I'm glad I don't have enough to rent a space at the Brass armadillo.

Here's a piece of Grandma Anderson's wedding china.  I used a piece of a quilt she had made me and put it in a barnboard shadowbox frame.  Paulette and a couple of friends said it looks good.  I'll take a photo of the place where it is hanging later.   Both pieces are in the kitchen and the counter is messy.