Monday, May 24, 2010

Road Trip

This morning I looked out the window at a bright blue May sky. I stepped outside to a cold November day. I drove through rain, snow and sky-scapes. Late in the afternoon I drove through a Wyoming blizzard. Before I reached Cheyenne the wind came up. The sign boards said "wind warning" and suggested turning off cruise control. Here are samples of the roads and sky.

Road Trip

The drive to Reno surprised me. Some trees had a decorative dash of snow that was being melted by the sun. Then that pretty cloud let go with some snow. No problem because the snow came only in flurries.

I arrived at the Black Bear Diner about five minutes before David called to say they were on their way. Then the hail started pelting my car. Black Bear posed with Shae, we had a great breakfast and I continued on my way.
The drive across Nevada was different from any other. Cold on this drive is a new experience. The sky decorated with cloud formations and green patches on the mountains changed the landscape.

I made my goal of Wendover and stayed in East Wendover, Utah. (Sunday, 5/23/10