Saturday, August 4, 2007


The Monarchs "Settled Seattle" (quote from a sign in the arena) last night. I forget the score but we had more.

I hauled away a car load of stuff today after Paulette took what she wanted last night. I'm feeling lighter already.

I'm about finished with the laundry. It is folded on my bed so can't go to bed until I put it away.

I ordered a lamp shade on line, sure hope it works. It was cheap enough.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Morning

Friday morning walk. I have regained my morning walk habit and it is cool enough to walk if I start before 7AM. The sun was a bit hazy thismorning, the water in the canal very still. At the small pond the jack rabbits were darting around in the dry grass. One of them stopped and imitated a stump for a while and then seemed to know it hadn't fooled me so bounded away. A duck on the pond quacked once and unseen birds chirped in the vegetation around the pond. Close to my apartment I spotted a hummingbird sitting on one of the evergreen trees. It tasted a needle or two and flew away on invisible wings.

Stuff update. This week I emptied two large plastic boxes that had been my "garage" since I moved here in December. These are now ready to be removed from my balcony. The stuff? Well some is sitting in the trunk of my car to be donated, some in a box for Paulette to look at, some went directly to the trash and the rest is taunting me with "You can't throw me away, can you?"
My response it, "I can unless I find a use or a place for you."

The weekend: Monarchs play the Storm from Seattle tonight, Saturday and Sunday are open for the moment.

Monday, July 30, 2007


I tidied up my blog on the website and you can now comment, even if there's not much to comment about.

Who remembers the clock that hung in our kitchen, forever? The one that didn't restart so we always knew when the lights went out.

Who remembers the mirror that hung beside the front door of Grandma Anderson's house?

And finally who remembers the photo of our cousin Bjorn, on a beach in Sweden?