Thursday, August 23, 2007

School starting

The first days of school always like a new year to me. It doesn't matter if it is mid August (although it used to bother me because it wasn't September) the start of something new. The problem is August doesn't smell like September. Janell and Emily's adventure into book buying made me want to sign up for a class. HOWEVER the cost of books has gone so high I probably can't afford the class fees or the books.

Wow, you have had some weather. We are back into the triple digits here in the Sacramento valley. Of course it's State Fair time too and it has to be 100+ for that every year.

The Monarchs have their first playoff game tonight against San Antonio Stars. Go Monarchs!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Difficult questions

Difficult but thought prevoking.

6. The best and worst about being a woman?

The best: Growing a new life. I wish I had been as aware of what was going on as women are today. Of course that means knowing all the dangers as well as the joys. Being a mother, regardless of all the work. Then the reward of becoming a grandmother. Not so much work. Dressing up in a dress or skirt or even pants. Men don't get to wear nice dresses, usually.

The worst: Inequality in pay and choices of vocation or career. This is better for women today. There is also the bad old double standard. I had a list once of how different actions are positive for men and negative for women. A single man is eligible and a single woman is desperate. With gray hair-- He looks distinguished and she looks old. Speaking of old; that's when women become invisible.

That's enough of that quiz.

Janell, I know as a young girl playing with dolls; I seldom thought of them having a dad. Delaine tormented me with the phrase, "You'll never get a husband if... And I didn't really care. I remember standing in the hallway of the place we lived in Hawaii and having two thoughts: Tony is an alcoholic. If this marriage ends, I will not marry again. It wasn't that I would be single; it was that I was not going to be married.