Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Full moon

Last night the Stars fell, hard, on the Monarchs. So...now we are saying "Wait 'till next year." It's been a while since we were knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. Paulette and I went to a bar with big TVs. Some of our seat neighbors were there so we cheered and ate. The food was good at The Hanger. Our women came from 20 points down to a point for point ending that a San Antonio player broke with a 3 point basket. Maybe it was the full moon that favored the Stars.

The full moon was beautiful and when I got home I sat on my balcony, sipped tea and watched the moon to console myself. I did not get up at 3AM for the eclipse. I saw it on the news this morning.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


I went to Davis to walk with my friend Jeannette on Saturday. A cool morning and much nicer than walking on a treadmill. It helps that we walk to Peets coffee and have a Latte before going back. We stopped at a garage sale and I bought a new espresso machine for $10. It had never been out of the box. (Mine is wearing out.) So it wasn't adding to my stuff. Also went to the consignment shop and used my credit to buy two skirts for $8 or free. I saw a wall clock for my kitchen but didn't buy it. I think I'll go back next week and get it if it is still there.

I worked on the T-shirt quilt and finished piecing all of the shirts together. I'm letting it rest a while before I put it together and tie it. I can put my sewing machine away as soon as I hem a pair of pants I bought a couple of weeks ago. Autumn is coming and it's time to have new 'school' clothes. (Or different clothes)

Today we saw a play at our favorite B Street theater. The book of Elizabeth, by David and Amy Sedaris. I enjoyed it a lot.

Oh and I went dancing on Friday night.

So the week end is over. Time to listen to Extreme Makeover Home Edition (since Cold Case is a rerun) while I finish making my lesson plans and clean up the kitchen.