Tuesday, November 13, 2007

something special today

When I came up to my door this afternoon, something flew between me and the door. I was startled but looked at the ledge to my left and there was a little owl. Yes a little owl. I think it is a burrowing owl. I took a couple of pictures and it posed very nicely for me. It stayed for a long time.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday, 11/12/07

My computer is home again. The 'little' tune-up turned into a hard drive crash and now I have a new operating system and I-Life 08. And I am starting from scratch with a lot of things that didn't get recovered. I also have an external hard drive for back up on a regular basis. They saved my address book and I had backed up my photos before I took it in and everything else is either on line or I think I have a hard copy. I got rid of some junk. I do have to redo most of my bookmarks.

Shirley: Happy Birthday again.

We had a great celebration for Shae and Sterling. They came to California. We had lunch at Olive Garden because Shae got to choose. We went to the Make-a-Bear store and had a blast making a purple hippo, a pink cat and Cody from Surf's UP. Then we went to Paulette's house.

On the way to Paulette's house Shae asked if I would sleep with her. I told her I was going to my house to sleep. After we had been lounging around for a while (as much as you can with three little kids and four adults) Shae announced "I'm going home with Grandma to sleep." I said it was fine if it was ok with mom and dad. She turned to her parents and almost dared them to disagree with her pronouncement.