Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apple Hill

On Sunday we took a family trip to Apple Hill.  The orchards and farms are open with pony rides, clowns, crafts, apple food and millions of apples.

Here is Sterling  taking her first pony ride; she doesn't seem very impressed.  She is not easily impressed.

SloMoe the clown chose Paulette as a volunteer after saying I need a woman in her 40s.  Shae and Skyler jumped around her pointing.  "Auntie P is 40. "  They shouted.  The clown missed her with all the darts that broke the balloons.  This clown was very entertaining.

Shae and Skyler were volunteers to hold the tightrope while SloMoe walked it juggling toilet plungers.  Shae is very serious and Skyler almost dropped the tightrope when one of the plungers hit SloMoe in the face.

Other adventures included a little hike at one place.  Sterling, almost two, trudged along even up the rather steep hill.

We had a picnic at the Jack Russell brewery with pints of beer for the adults.  
It was a perfect fall day.