Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The video is coming.                             THE PROJECT

Face painting from the Rivercats 
baseball game.

Shae and monkey with Monkey's new scarf knitted by Cynthia.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 15

Shae's back at her home in Reno.  Yesterday Paulette and I watched Skyler and David's last T-ball game (David is a coach).  Then we went to Shae's ballet recital.  Both events were great fun.  And I have the video to prove it.  After the recital Paulette and I took off for Sacramento so we could watch the Monarchs beat the Sparks.  Well, that was the plan  and it worked up to the end of the game when LA Sparks had eight more points than the Sacramento Monarchs.  Ticha's parents sit behind us and I'm not sure what names her mother called the officials (she's from Portugal) but I'm sure they weren't flattering.

Here's how it went on this solo morning.  I slept late and took a walk without bicycle, helmet, elevator buttons to push or questions.  I decided the questions had kept my mind working.  This morning "I'm A Believer" from the Shrek sound track played in my head. I did not have to stop and look at the ants, bugs, or rest in the shade.  There is an empty place beside my bicycle where Shae's was parked for two weeks.  I bought my newspaper, left the (not digital) camera at Longs and returned home to have coffee and read the newspaper.  I must keep up with the news so I can answer all the questions the next time Shae is around.  I found myself asking Why? about many of the headlines.

I can't decide what to do now without all of the suggestions from Shae.  Is it time to go swimming?  Can we paint your crocs?  When are we going to see Auntie P.?  Can I call my mom? or Is my mom at work?

Now it's time to make a list of what needs to be done and what I want to do this week.