Friday, September 14, 2007

good times

Last weekend I drove to Reno after work and lunch and a couple of errands. I left Sacramento at 2:30 with the knowledge that I would probably have to sit in slow and go heavy traffic--Yeah for the new lanes on I80 around Roseville or some miracle in the traffic world. I didn't even have to take off the cruise control from the time I entered the freeway. I made my stop for coffee in Truckee and there were many many parking places. They have pay parking on the street but it is so cool. There are these little boxes that take cash or credit cards and you can buy 15 minutes for 25cents. I put a 30 minutes ticket on my dash and dashed into the Pieper cafe for a cup of coffee. The help was indifferent to having a customer come into their establishment and I might have walked out except they have very good coffee. Coffee in hand I returned to my car with time to spare. I rolled into David's driveway 40 minutes later.

Skyler and Shae answered the door shouting "Grandma!" Nice. Sterling gave me the once or twice over from the floor and went back to her toy. Skyler wanted to show me his pitching skills and Shae wanted to show me the new cats they have. David told them "Let Grandma rest a little; she just drove a long ways and she's old." Later, Shae said, "Grandma, why are you old?"

We overslept so missed the Dawn Patrol at the balloon races but watched as they inflated the very colorful balloons and went home to breakfast.

WE played until everyone was tired and cranky and took naps. Sterling decided I was good enough to hold her and play with her.

I got home about 9:30pm Saturday night.

Spent Sunday doing all that maintenance stuff.

Our channel 10 weather person is so excited about this weekends weather--I want to find things to do outside. I will do some dancing and walking.
Janell have fun cooking. Sue, go golfing. Shirley, finish that remodel and get some pictures out there.