Friday, October 3, 2008

Cruising Alaska

Ships Log:  Monday, August 4, 2008,  Tracy Arm Alaska.  7:10am Entered Tracy Arm

Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm are narrow and deep and over 30 miles long, bounded by Canada on the east, this Wilderness area is highlighted by two sheer-walled fjords.  

I knew this day would not include a shore excursion and wondered how I would pass the time.  When I woke up, I peeked out between the drapes.  I saw mountains, and lots of whit things in the water.  I put on my glasses and recognized the white things as various -sized pieces of ice floating on the gray-blue water.  It all looks cold under the overcast sky.

I took a long , brisk walk around the deck.  The mountains on both sides were amazing.  Some of the ice, we are told is ice bergs and we are only seeing the tip.  Near the end of my walk crew members set up coffee carts on each side of the deck.  In addition to coffee they have hot chocolate and some add-ons, Kailua, Baileys and brandy.  I choose free regular coffee in an insulated cup  that cost $18.  It is blue with Holland America printed in white.  Of course I needed it.  I pass on the add-ons.  

A full day to explore the entire ship.  I carry my book and journal with me.  The coffee cafe serves a terrible latte--saves me  money since lattes cost extra and brewed coffee is great and free.

After breakfast I find a place to sit and write.  Then move to a chair near a window to read and watch  the scenery go by.  Paulette has gone to an art auction.

Dinner at 7:00pm and then the Filipino Crew Show.  

At noon the weather: Light airs, partly cloudy skies and temperature: 58R/ 13C

6:20pm left Tracy Arm.