Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cha Cha follow-up

I realized I did not write about how much fun I had with my students when I taught the ChaCha. I wasn't sure I knew how to teach dance so I asked my private teacher to give me a lesson plan. IT WORKED!

The class was divided, half enthusiastic and half reluctant in the beginning. I found that peer pressure is alive and well in adults as well as children. The enthusiasts pulled the reluctants into the lesson. Since it was a party day(We always have a party before vacation) we spent 45 minutes in our space and then were joined at the food tables by the other morning class. After the eating the two classes combined for another lesson. Soon there were 30 people trying out the Cha Cha. We laughed and danced. To finish the morning I put on latin music and we all danced the merangue in a long line dance.

When we returned to class yesterday someone asked when we would have another Cha Cha lesson.