Friday, November 7, 2008


The clear sky and slightly crisp air on Election day put everyone in a very good mood.  I walked to my poling place.  There was a line of about twenty-five people.  Everyone seemed ready to party.  I voted and on my way back home a woman stopped her car and asked if I needed a ride. I claimed my free tall coffee from Starbucks.  

The world watched us on Tuesday and I believe we can be proud of ourselves.  Thank you, LaDawn for your words from France.

I want to share this story about my friend who has lost her ability to communicate  due to rapidly progressive aphasia.  She lives in a memory facility.  She has worn an Obama for president button, daily, for the last two years.  Legally she cannot vote.  However it was her wish to vote.  Her daughter talked with the memory care director at the facility and it was arranged for Elinore to 'vote'.  She was given an absentee ballot and voted for her candidate.  According to her daughter she was on 'cloud nine' today because she had voted for Obama in this historic election.