Thursday, June 7, 2007


Words of Wisdom for today: When you are five, tired and missing your mom--your socks don"t fit right.

A bike ride in the morning and swimming in the afternoon makes everyone very tired and cranky. Skyler is napping; I'm catching up. Bills are paid, laundry on the last load, clothes packed for Skyler to go home tomorrow. There are some vacation things I need to do but not yet. I'm making lists of what not to forget.

The new age of electronics requires a lot of recharging equipment and if you for get it your camera, phone video camera will be usless. There is a law of some kind that says if you forget one of those vital cords--no one where you are going will have one and even if you try to buy one it will have to be ordered and arrive when you get home.

How many kinds of shoes do I need? How many of my pills do I need? It is cool here for June and making it difficult to think: hot, humid weather. I usually forget anything for rain since it doesn't usually rain here in the valley from June to October.
I definitly need my exercise clothes and shoes. Walking daily in essential for me. I haven't done enough in the last ten days but I have been riding my bike.

OK I gotta go to the store and get some milk. And check my lists.

Monday, June 4, 2007


Skyler went to school with Paulette today so I was on my own. Maybe not a good idea because I went shopping. Clothes, software and stuff.

I met a friend in Davis at Peets coffee and we spent an hour catching up. I got my glasses fixed. I cleaned out my P.O box that I still have there until October.

I did some laundry and cleaned up a bit.

This evening I took a West Coast Swing lesson.

I'm going to sort one more basket of paper and finish the book I've been reading.

Tomorrow, after the Rivercats game Skyler comes home with me and we go to a Monarchs game in the evening.

Six days until on the road again.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The weekend

Skyler went to sleep at Auntie Pea's Friday afternoon and will return after the Monarchs game on Tuesday.

We had a busy day on Friday. No school. YEAH! Skyler had his first lesson with the digital camera. We went walking in Davis and then rode the a double decker bus. We sat on the top level of course. "Grandma, this bus is old. How old do you think it is?" I'm not sure. He looked out the windows and at the cars below and the tree tops at eye level, but the age of the bus was always on his mind. "Why is this bus so old?"

We were hungry after our photography trip and went to MacDonalds for lunch. I think it was a little lonely for him to play without his sister. There were a couple of other kids there but they didn't want to interact. We completed all of my errands and went back to Sacramento. He took his 25 minute car nap on the way home and was ready for more action.

We drove to Auntie Pea's through the Friday Afternoon traffic nightmare.

Paulette gave me an alternate route so I could go to the Zumba exercise class on my way home.
The apartment was very quiet when I got home.

Saturday night the Monarchs beat the Los Angeles Sparks in a really great basketball game. The women are getting more aggressive in their playing every year. Skyler ate his pizza while looking at the assembled crowd. When the game started and Paulette and I became loud fans. He sat for some time looking from one to the other with a puzzled look on his face. He then caught the Thunderstick that were dropped and began making noise with them. He stopped long enough to tell the woman next to us she had one of thundersticks was upside down. She later asked if he was always so good.

He joined in the chant BEAT LA, BEAT LA.... I watched him listen, try it out and listen again and finally get it right.

In the car, after the game he said, Can I call my mom? We said yes, and heard her say What are you doing still up? He talked to both of his parents and moments after he closed the phone was asleep.