Thursday, July 31, 2008

There are four of these fountains at the Bremerton Ferry terminal.


I told you there was MOOSESNORT COFFEE    

Far left is Chris and Paulette doing Cha Cha.

More pre-cruise fun

Paulette and I explore Port Orchard.  The main street has a few businesses, and antique mall, a couple of antique stores and The Candy Shoppe (Yes, we bought candy.  Salt Water taffy and peanut brittle.)

Lunch at the Corner Deli.  Great sandwiches and MOOSESNORT COFFEE.  Please don't leave out the R.  On our way to meet Chris we stop at the ferry port to see the dancing water fountain.  The wind adds some very splashy moves to the dance.  Flowers and fountains shaped like ship smoke stacks that spout like Old Faithful but not on schedule.  

Paulette has a Cha Cha lesson with Chris and we are off to Gig Harbor.  Chris goes to Costco.  At the YMCA (very posh and big)  I walk a mile and a quarter on a treadmill while Paulette takes a Zumba class.  Then we take a night club two step and a cha cha classes with Chris.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Columbia Hotel  we had the first room to the left of the sign.  That's me standing under the little blue awning.  I took the bottom picture out of the window of our room.

Monday morning in Ashland we woke up in the hotel.  I got a free cup of coffee and prepared for the day.  No line at the shared shower so i shower.  Paulette is awake when I get back.  She showers and soon we are ready to check out. It is only 8:30am.  Outside we take a couple of pictures.  The Key of "C" coffee and bagels cafe provided our road breakfast.

ARCO for gas (higher than Sacramento) and on to I5 North to Seattle.  We listen to Les Miserables from start to finish and leave I5 at Eugene, Oregon.  To the University where we find the Duck Store and add significantly to the economy of Oregon.  

Paulette drives and I ride, read, look out the window as the ever-changing landscape.  Sometimes I read the road signs out loud.

Hours later we park in Chris and Mike's driveway.  No body home.  Paulette gets on the phone and learns; Mike is in Santa Barbara and Chris is teaching a dance class.  He directs us to where Chris is teaching.  We find her, Paulette joins the lesson.  I read my book.  Chris has two more classes to teach so we return to her house by way of Safeway where we buy two Chinese entrees for a late dinner.  

I went to bed at 11;30PM.  I don't know how long Paulette and Chris stayed up.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Here  we are at the Columbia Hotel in Ashland,  Oregon.  Yesterday we drove here from Sacramento.   Last night we saw a wonderful, very funny production of The Comedy of Errors.  We took some pictures I will post them later.

Today we go to Seattle.